Why Dnexus media Digital Signage Solutions?

  • Whether you’re a small retail store business or an enterprise retail business, Dnexus media provides you the power to improve your business by displaying engaging contents.
  • Take complete control of your digital screens, kiosks and creatives anytime with Dnexus media cloud based digital signage system.
  • Manage and publish your content safe and secure from the cloud environment.
  • Bring in the social media experience in store by displaying facebook, twitter and instagram pages and customer endorsements
  • Introduce innovative and interactive marketing campaigns like digital coupons.
  • Empower your business with advanced digital signage features.

Benefits of Digital Signage for Retail Businesses

Brand Awareness

Create awareness about new products by showing appealing promotion videos to the customers. Make customers to keep up with trends by informing them to follow the brand on social media.

Effective communication

Communicate to your customers with effective Call to actions. Educate them with rich media contents. Encourage them to share live images by posting them on social media.

Create Loyal Customers

Turn Store visitors into Loyal customers by creating an awesome in-store shopping experience. Show customized content and make them engaged.

Influence Customers / Buyer’s Purchase Decision

Make an impact on your customers last minute purchase decision by showing relevant offers and discounts. Increase credibility and trust among the visitors.

Close more sales

Run multiple promotions to encourage your customers to purchase more. Target customers with contextual advertising, whether it’s an annual sale or special offer season. Boost sales with Upselling and cross selling high value products by giving special offers

Uses of Digital Signage in Retail Businesses


Product Promotions

Run promotional campaigns across digital signage displays and inform your audience visually by highlighting special offers, discounts, free product trials, coupons, loyalty programs etc.


Advertisement Campaigns

Create awareness and motivate customers to try or buy a new product line by showcasing advertising campaigns through videos, animations and slideshows.


Wayfinding Maps

Show maps of your store/mall and drive customers to particular areas. Help them to navigate around the store and to find required products/services quicker without waiting for help. Display store information, floor maps and other facilities.


Educate Customers

Educate customers about products, services and loyalty programs by providing informational content on the screens through videos or images or text. Publish "Frequently Asked Questions" on digital signage displays that the clients ask you repeatedly. Save time of both customers as well as employees in addressing customers queries.


In-store entertainment

Increase shopping experience of the customers with interactive digital signage displays and make shopping more fun. Entertain them with educational content and reduce boredom during waiting times.


Reduce print media costs

Show dynamic attractive ad campaigns and promotional messages on your digital signage displays with reduced cost. Cut the time and costs in designing, printing and distributing the static print media items.


Attract Passerby Attention

Grab attention of people who are near your store with attractive visuals. Drive foot traffic to the store by showing special promotional offers and discounts.


Interact with customers

Get customer feedback about your services and products through interactive application hosted on touch based display, kiosk or tablets. Add QR code on the display to get the feedback form on mobile or download product brochure.

Pricing Plans

Simple pricing. Start your free trial and then pay as you use!