Uses of Digital Signage in Restaurants


Dynamic Menu Boards

Create dynamic menu boards and showcase various food menu items for the day. Change menus and pricing instantly according to the time.


Promote Special Offers

Reach your customers by launching and highlighting instant offers and discounts such as "Happy Hours" and "Today's Specials". Digital signage displays can be used for generating digital coupons (can be a 5% off or $20 off on bill more than $100). To know more


Share recipes and cuisine Information

Attract and retain customers by showing recipe and cuisine information on the digital signage display screens.


Showcase Nutrition Tips

Display nutrition tips and make your customers aware about the health & nutrition information and the benefits of eating healthy foods.


Grow Social Audience

Display social feeds and encourage customers to like & share content which increases the popularity of your business in social media. Motivate your customers to give feedback and ratings for getting coupons or free food items.


Engage and Entertain

Show news, sports and weather information to keep customers engaged. Also, digital signage displays can be used to show entertaining and informational videos. This helps largely in reducing the perceived wait time of the customers.


Queue Management

In QSR & self service restaurants, digital signage can play a very important role in queue management of the counters. Customers can use their mobile to get the token and wait for their turn. Digital signage display will show the current token number. To know more


Customer Feedback

For any business and especially restaurant business customer feedback is very important. Touch based kiosk can be used for getting feedback from the customers. Customer can provide feedback by just a few clicks. Feedback kiosks can play promotional contents when not in use and on touch feedback application can be invoked.To know more

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