Improve learning experience

Grab the attention and Improve the learning experience of students by showing visually appealing rich content. Actively encourage and make them engaged them with interactive learning. Help them to understand the subject matter deeply and create collaboration among other students.

Motivate Students

Boost the confidence of students and motivate them by promoting their academic and non-academic achievements all over the campus. Encourage them to achieve more by showing their hard work and other excellent activities and increase productivity of the students.

Go Green & Reduce Expenses

Cutdown the costs of using notices, pamphlets, posters and other traditional print media items & indirect expenses such as paper, ink, all stationary materials. Reduce the cost of using printers & photocopy machines. Contribute in saving nature by going green with digital signage solutions.

Enhance Student Engagement

Encourage students to participate in enrolling for new coaching classes, attending lecture, watch podcast, or following on social media by placing digital signage displays in strategic areas.

Digital Signage in Educational Institutions


Campus wide Announcements

Reach all staffs and students inside the campus through digital signage displays system. It can be utilized for daily announcements, news, sports updates and other important announcements such as exam dates, holidays, security & safety norms, administrative notices, school results etc.


Digital Notice board

Digital signage can work as digital notice board within educational institutes. This can be used very innovatively for showcasing student’s creative work, in-house innovation, student and faculty speaks, Principal/HOD’s desk, appreciations, school news capsule, quotations, quiz, educational contents etc.


Parent Notifications

Establish transparent communication with parents and guardians. Display school facilities, faculty members, affiliation, membership, associations etc. Announce important messages such as admission notification, fee payment, exam dates, last date of submissions etc.


Show Upcoming Events

Make everyone aware about the upcoming events like workshops, sports event, annual day function, Job fair, book fair, exhibition, fests, festival celebration etc.


Digital Menu Boards

Provide food menu options and daily food specials on the cafeteria, dining halls, canteens etc. Show health benefits and nutritional information for better and healthy lifestyle.


Publish Achievements

Tell stories educate the visitors about achievements, awards and historical information of the institution. Enables motivation by publishing academic achievements of the institution, students and staffs.


Wayfinding Maps

Show campus wide maps and navigate the people around the campus easier and quicker. Help them to find admin office, cafeteria, transportation facility etc.


Emergency Messaging System

Create safe and secure environment by alerting everyone on campus about natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, institution opening and closing dates, rescheduled events and other emergency information on digital signage systems. Provide safety guides, emergency instructions and do’s and don’ts all over the campus in real time.

Pricing Plans

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