Digital signage for corporate communication

Engage, motivate and communicate to your employees effectively with Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage Uses in Corporate Communication

Single Platform for Internal Communications

Manage publishing your visual content, whether it’s in lobby, meeting room, hallway, conference room, reception or cafeteria with digital signage network. Communications can be related to welcoming a guest, leadership messages, HR communication, compliance, announcements or emergency notifications. This can also be used to display the latest trends in technology, current news, weather, sports and social media trends.

Corporate Announcements & collaboration

Digital signage can be a great medium to inform employees about events, workshops, new product launch, leadership goals, revenue & sales outcome, new customer acquisition and other internal communication. Collaboration is key to internal communication within an organization. Digital signage are now integrated with collaboration tools like slack and messages can be pulled from slack channel and shown on the digital signage screens. This makes the displays relevant and more engaging.

Employee Motivation

Boost morale of employees by wishing birthday, rewards, recognitions, contributions and other achievements. It is a best way to introduce a new joinee and bidding adieu to outgoing employees.

Internal branding

Showcase the activities performed under corporate social responsibility by organization. Display messages reinforcing company's values, ethics & morale. Create awareness among employees about welfare schemes.

Workplace Safety

Digital signage can play a very important role in communicating safety and security norms. During emergency situations digital signage screen can be a lifesaver - signage screens can display emergency alerts, safety precautions, do’s and don’ts and safe exit directions.

Increased Workplace Safety

Make sure your workplace is safe by creating a safety and secure environment. Announce emergency instructions & information to update the safety precautions to your employees. Establish a clear informational structure for showing safety measures and directions to the workforce and provide ultimate level of protection.

Social Media

Now every organization have their social media handles, which are keenly followed and managed. Organizations also encourages their employees to contribute towards social media content generation. Displaying social media contents on the digital screens across the premises keeps employees well informed on the latest updates and helps in consistent messaging within employees and external world.

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