About Us

This is the era of digital advertising. So, Digital Nexus Media has brought to you, Signage Network, the new way of advertising and reaching to your audiences.

Remote Management

Digital Advertising Platform

  • Digital Nexus Signage Network is a platform through which you can mass advertise and share the information on various TVs, LED screens, Tablets and Mobile Phones with just a click!


  • The biggest advantage of the Signage Network is that Business owners can reach a larger audience and can build their brand image more effectively.
  • The other advantage is that the Clients will have an edge and flexibility, as they can choose the target audience demographically, across the city.
Layout Designer


  • ou can advertise based on your Budget/ Category/ Location.


  • The LED has been widely spread all across the city.
  • The LED has been installed keeping in mind the areas having the maximum footfall like: near Hospitals, Railway Stations, Shopping Malls, Restaurant, and Showrooms.

Centralised Cloud Network

  • All the LEDs are connected with each other through a centralised cloud network.


  • The Signage Network helps in the practical evaluation of the frequency with which the ads are running. This will help in understanding, analysing and controlling the Ad Campaign Performance based on the output.